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The main considerations for a useful access control installation are given below:


The purpose installing your access control system should be very much clear based the security level that you require for your installation. For instance, high value assets like servers, communication equipments and mission critical data should be safeguarded robustly at every entry, exit, window and any other opening from where the high value assets can be compromised.

System Type

This is a very important factor in which the user should have a complete assessment of the system so that he/she can achieve the objective of security systems. For example, should it be standalone, integrated, mobile based, cloud based any other customized solution.

Authentication Type

Choosing the most powerful and most suitable types of authentication – biometric, key fobs, electromagnetic cards, keypads, touch screen or combination of two or more – is a big factor to consider for a good access control installation. Powerful authentication like biometric should be used for high security assets.

HIK Devices

Yadanarbon Fibre Service Myanmar
Choosing the right device is very crucial factor of a good buyers guide consideration. A professional level assessment of the features and capabilities of the locking system, controllers and card readers should be done to choose the most suitable and robust devices available in the marketplace.
Yadanarbon Fibre Service Myanmar
How does a typical installation process look like?