Fiber Cable Installation Services

Outside plant (OSP) installations of fiber optic cables laying  include aerial – cable installation, direct-buried cable installation, underground cable in conduit or installing conduit or inner duct ( Air Blowing Installation) and then pulling cable.

Process of Backbone Laying

Site Survey
Design Detail Drawing
Cable Laying or Pole Erection
Concert Plate Laying
Warning Tap Laying
Manhole Construction
Termination at Exchange
Marking Post

Site Survey

Site surveys are inspections of an area where work is proposed, to gather information for a design or an estimate to complete the initial tasks required for outdoor and indoor activity.

Design Detail Drawing

Detail Design Drawing is the phase where the design is refined and plans, specifications and estimates are created. Detailed design will include outputs such as 2D and 3D models.

Survey Marking

survey markings is make the location on the surface . When we marked the location with colors , flag and sticks.

Excavation or Pole Erection

Excavation is work involving the removal of soil , rock from the site to form the open face, hole using the tools , machinery and Men Power. Excavation standard depends on the customer specifications.

Pole Erection is work involving the pole hole digging and erection. Which is using the tools , machinery and Men Power. Standard of pole digging and pole erection depend on the soil type which are weak soil, normal soil and hard soil.

Cable Laying

Cable Laying include the aerial cable laying, Underground cable laying , indoor cable laying and air blowing cable laying.

Concerat Plate Laying

According to the customer Specifications , we are laying concrete plate on 600 mm above the cable, Thickness is 50 mm.

Warning Tape Laying

Warning Tape laying is to identify location of underground utilities and to act as a warning against accidental excavation of buried utilities

Manhole Construction

We make the Man Hole, Hand Hole design as the customer specification.

Termination at Exchange

We inspected cable’s link losses at least 4 times when the cable reached from on-site to cable splicing and termination.


Splicing in side the manhole, which located each 2 KM & 4 KM as Cable Drum.

Cable Locator & Route Marker

When we finished the cable laying , we marked the location with 3M cable Locator to know the specific location because when the cable laying finished as long times, the ground condition will be changed. So we used the 3 M location ball buried in the corner , crossing river, un surface ground condition and installed the route marker to know the physical ground.

Testing & Inspection

When we finished the implementation, customer and our team inspected on site.

Experience of backbone project

Sr Route Name Type Distance
1 Mandalay- Monywar 96 C UG 160 km
2 Mandalay- Ohndaw- Shwebo 96 C UG 141 km
3 Yangon- Mandalay 96 C UG 839.8 km
4 Chaung U- Pakokku- Gwe Gyo 48 C UG 240 km
5 Meiktila- Taunggyi 96 C UG 193 km
6 Taunggyi- Tarchileik 96 C UG 660 km
7 Tarchileik- Wanpon 48 CUG 40 km
8 Kalaw- Loikaw- Phasawang 48 C UG  316 km
9 Yangon- Pathein 48 C UG 226 km
10 Mongphyak- Mongyung 96/48 C UG 82.1 km
11 Loilen- Leihka- Mongyai 96/48 C UG 251 km
12 Yangon Region 12/24/96 C OH 25 km
13 Bago Region 12 C OH 42 km
14 Pyay Region 12/24/48 C OH 165 km
15 Mon Region 48 C OH 77 km
16 Shan Region 48 C OH  74 km
17 Tanintharyi Region 12/24/48 C OH 71 km
18 Nanpantat- Taunggyi 96 C UG  93 km
19 Mongtong- Wanpon 96 C UG 210 km
20 Kawkareik- Myawaddy 96 C Duct 26 km
21 Pathein- Latbutta 96 Duct 140 km
22 Yangon Metro & Shan Region 96 C Duct 300 km
23 Ooredoo Project (Yangon) 24 C OH 30 km
24 Ooredoo Project (Mandalay) 24 C UG 8 km
25 FTTx Project 96 C UG 100 km
26 Myintkyina- Sumprabum 96 C UG 210 km
27 Mansi- Si U 96 C UG 77 km
28 Hanhtet- Shwegu 96 C UG 83 km
29 Ywar Ngan- Pintaya- Taunggyi 24/48 C OH/UG 195 km
30 Bahtoo- Tarchileik 96 C UG 760 km
31 Dawei- Myeik- Kawthaung 48 C UG 709 km
32 Magway- Sittwe 96 C UG 524 km
33 Naypyitaw 24 C OH 20 km
34 Tanintharyi Region 24/48 C OH  200 km
35 Yangon FTTx Project 48 C OH 100 km
 Total km  7387.9 km

Internal laying projects

Nay Pyi Taw Air port Nay Pyi Taw Junction Junction 8 Centre Junction Square Centre Junction Maw Tin Centre Junction Za Wa Na Olympic Tower
Octagon Co., Ltd Union Business Centre Shwe Taung Cement Padamyar FM No.(2) Bedding 500 Military of Medicine Nay Pyi Taw (Royal Lotus Hotel) MRTV 4 System Control
CEC Engineering Co., Ltd Shwe Taung Co ., Ltd Thilawar Project Max Myanmar Co ., Ltd Alliance Star Co., Ltd Air Port Terminal No.1 Project