FTBx-735C - metro/PON FTTx/MDU OTDR

OTDR is an important instrument used by organizations to certify the performance of new fiber optics links and detect problems with existing fiber links.
In OTDR, it has FTB-1, FTB-2, FTB-500 Platforms and MAX-700C Series. We can choose and clarify the modules for you depending on how many wavelengths(nm) do you want to use and how many long distance(km) do you want to measure. We can be support the best what you want.

High-resolution OTDR designed for metro networks testing and splitter characterization in PON FTTx applications.

Key features

  • Dynamic range of up to 42 dB
  • Event dead zone of 0.6 m and attenuation dead zone of 2.5 m
  • Test through high-port-count splitters (up to 1×128)
  • Singlemode port for in-service troubleshooting with in-line 1490/1550 nm power meter
  • EXFO Connect-compatible: automated asset management; data goes through the cloud and into a dynamic database
  • iOLM-ready: one-touch multiple acquisitions, with clear go/no-go results presented in a straightforward visual format


  • FTTx/MDU test challenges within PON networks
  • Metro/core network testing (P2P)


The FTBx-735C has been designed to test FTTH/PON networks and longer links in the metro range. This OTDR has 42 dB of dynamic range to test up to 150 km of optical fiber. The PON-optimized performances of the FTBx-735C enable it to fully characterize links up to a 1:128 FTTH/PON splitter ratio. With its high dynamic range, the FTBx-735C empowers technicians to test optical fibers with greater speed and accuracy.

The MAX-735C advantage

  • The industry’s highest resolution for PON testing and the shortest PON dead zone to detect more problems closer to the splitter.
  • High resolution for maximum fiber characterization on long links up to 150 km. Ideal to support bidirectional testing.