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Termination Box(rack type)

Underground Fiber Accessories

1. Reliable fastening, Stripping and earthling devices for optic fiber
2. Suitable for LC, LCD, SC, SCD, FC adapter
3. Fit for 19 rack
4. Accessories make fiber avoid damaging.
5. Slide out design, easy to access the back and splicer
6. High-quality steel, beautiful appearance.
7. Maximum capacity: 12 fibers
8. All material is ROHS compliant
9. 12 Core Pigtail: 1Se
10. 12 Core Range 12Core, 24Core ,48 Core, 96Core


1U Fiber patch panel series of optic distribution boxes, which are middle capacity and both side operation, are suitable for central offices connection points in the OAN, data centers, local area network